Introducing: Thomas Wynne

Thomas Wynne is a photographer and visual artist who has recently completed studying a BA Photography degree at Middlesex University in 2017. He is originally from Derby  and also studied in Nottingham. His work is primarily based around the human condition and occasionally more trivial intricacies of life. Whether that be more directly dealing with mental health and anxiety issues, or more conceptual ideas related to mortality, identity and representation. Rather than choosing to stick to any one particular method of image-making, he prefers to let the medium be influenced by the body of work, and the concepts underlying it.


Thomas Wynne, Kamil
Kamil, From Series of Photographic work titled Faces
Thomas Wynne, Niamh
Niamh, From series of photographic work titled Faces


Thomas Wynne is exhibiting his series of Fuji Instant Film Prints in Divine Locale group exhibition titled Locality.

The series of work Stratus (2016)  is ”built on the precedence of positivity, new horizons and even re- birth, this series was created in an attempt to record the energy within a new space. Produced shortly after moving into a new place of residence, where there is often a sense of dislocation, or dislodged sense of belonging. These works were intended to ‘feel out’ the space to understand my own personal space within it and develop a new sense of belonging.”


Thomas Wynne, Stratus 3
Stratus 03 (2016), Fuji Instant Film


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